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2016 Swanson Vineyards Rosato, Napa Valley, 750ml

Wine Specs

Vintage 2016
Appellation Napa Valley
Varietal Rosé of Sangiovese
Alcohol content 12.1%
Bottling Date February 2nd, 2017
Harvest Dates August, 2016
Case Production 400
Winemaker Name Robin Akhurst
Release Type Current

2016 Rosato

Perfect for every occasion and with any meal...

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Wine Profile

Vineyard Notes
The Sangiovese emanated from a single small block on a rocky, northwest-facing slope at the Antica Vineyard in the mountainous Atlas Peak district. The stony, alluvial soils keep the vines small and limit the crop, consistently producing fruit with bright acidity and very fresh fruit flavors.

Winemaker Notes
Our 2016 Rosato was picked early to preserve acidity and aromatic freshness. The added benefit of this is that it has allowed us to produce a wine that is not only bright and refreshing but relatively low in alcohol, 12.1%, making it perfect for aperitifs and picnics. The nose is all peach and apricot whilst on the palate such flavors as raspberry, yogurt and red apple skin come to mind. The texture on the palate is soft with the tannins sitting nicely at the end, helping highlight the crisp refreshing finish. Perfect accompaniment to fried calamari, fresh cut watermelon or a light lunch al fresco.
- Robin Akhurst, Winemaker

Vintage Notes
A near perfect growing season in 2016 ensured that our harvest was of extremely high quality. Benefiting from early bud break and plenty of spring rain, we saw early growth of the young canopy. As the temperatures started to rise and the rain events became less frequent, the vines flowered, moving into bloom with optimum conditions; helping promote a successful and abundant fruit set. The drought conditions of the previous years were starting to recede as we maintained a full soil moisture profile for much of the early growing season in all our vineyards. As we moved into veraison - the period where the small green berries start to develop color, gain sugar and loose their acidity - we began to see the true potential that 2016 was offering. It was fortunate that the rains held off until mid-October, as we were able to harvest our vineyards at precisely the right time, optimizing fruit flavor intensity whilst retaining the natural bright balanced acidity of the grape.