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Swanson 2012 Alexis Cabernet &

2012 Alexis Cabernet + "From Napa With Love"

For the Bohemian


Our flagship 2012 "Alexis" Cabernet Sauvignon is paired with Alexis Swanson Traina's exciting new travel- meets lifestyle- guidebook, From Napa With Love.

A fantastically vibrant and festive gift for the Bohemian at heart, or for those of you looking for an insiders guide to all things Napa.

About the book:

Inspired by Alexis' own journey in the Valley, this eye-candy, gem of a book features itineraries, interviews, sidebars, recipes, and entertaining 101s, and provides insider information about the best the area has to offer, as well as tips on how to bring home that much-envied Napa lifestyle. Not to mention, a fascinating glimpse into the lives and styles of the Swanson's.

Each of the nine chapters offers up a distinct point of view (the Bohemian, the Oenophile, the Foodie, etc.), and these roles are filled by the region’s most notable residents, weekenders, and summer folk. Advice from Andy and Kate Spade, Thomas Keller, Ken Fulk, Carlo Mondavi, and Roman Coppola ensures you’ll learn the best and most authentic ways to enjoy the Napa experience that they all are so passionate about.